Our day at the office and professional work in Ammanik is respectful of the environment and the community.

At the office:

  • We reduce the use of artificial lighting by enhancing natural daylight. We only use artificial lighting when strictly necessary.
  • We work with low-consuming electronic equipment.
  • We have a saving and reusing paper policy.
  • All of our graphic materials are printed in an ecological print house that works with certified paper and vegetable-based ink.
  • We classify wastes into organic, plastic and paper.
  • We commute on public transportation.
  • Our furniture is second-hand, some of the items are restored and some others made with recycled materials.

As a Travel and Tourism Company:

  • In Buenos Aires we offer walking tours or public transportation tours, always with local guides who will open your eyes to the city, its surroundings and its culture far better than an expat guide could ever do.
  • In the rest of Argentina and neighbouring countries, we work with local suppliers with responsible tourism criteria, eco-aware and with policies to preserve local identity.
  • We encourage visiting new and off the beaten path destinations, as long as we are sure they are responsibly managed and transparent in their environmental and social long term policies.
  • We are constantly learning about sustainable tourism development.
  • We receive daily information about new sustainable and social entrepreneurship, directly or indirectly related to tourism, which could be included in Ammanik’s tours and trips.
  • We are flexible and constantly working towards ever more nature and socio-friendly tours and trips.
  • We are committed to support those initiatives that favour natural and cultural heritage preservation, as well as any project aiming to benefit much needed communities.