The following dos and don’ts are inspired in a publication by the country’s Environment and Sustainable Development Department. We have taken on some of its items and included some extra ones, which we recommend in order to make our presence in the places we visit as respectful of nature and local community as possible.

1) Every place has a history, nature and culture of its own. We tourists should get informed about these subjects, in order not to harm them with our behavior.

2) We should live in harmony with nature. We should observe wild fauna taking some distance, so as not to disturb its natural habitat.

3) Bear in mind that natural resources, such as water and energy, are scarce. Use them moderately.

4) In accommodation without eco-aware policies, ask the staff not to change linen unless you consider it necessary.

5) Take your personal hygiene products always with you, and avoid consuming ammenities frequently offered by hotels.

6) Use rechargeable batteries.

7) Avoid receiving unnecessary brochures.

8) Don’t throw litter. Keep wastes with you until you find a wastebasket or bin.

9) Consume products that are local expressions, and get to know historical and cultural heritage.

10) As regards gastronomy, try to consume local food and, if possible, prepared with organic products.

11) If you have any suggestions, take the time to tell them to the tour operators you hire in the places you visit. This way, we will be able to promote tourism towards sustainable development.

Relax, enjoy and let yourself be blown away!