This agreement has been written in Spanish. In case of discrepancies between the original document and a translated version into any other language, the original Spanish text shall be the only binding document and theonly one to be considered as valid for such purpose.


1) A CLIENT’s request for a quotation of a tour or trip shall be replied by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE within 72 hours from said request. Any request for a quotation of a trip or tour containing requirements from the CLIENT that do not match the information provided by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE and that imply an exception, shall be replied by said company, and it shall be subject to availability, within the term that such company deems it necessary. The above-mentioned term may be altered by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE in case such change is based on delays from the suppliers of services and/or due to any external cause. The aforementioned circumstance shall be communicated to the CLIENT, and he or she shall irrefutably inform AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE whether he or she shall carry on with his or her request or it shall be disregarded.

2) The receipt of the quotation requested to AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE does not imply any reservation of the services until the relevant reservation is made within the term stipulated for such purpose. Prices informed to the CLIENT on each quotation may be altered based on changes in the exchange rate or in the fees of suppliers involved in the trip or tour quoted, among other reasons.

3) The acceptance of the quotation by the CLIENT implies the subsequent fulfillment of the reservation of the services quoted, and it shall be subject to the irrefutable acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, otherwise the reservation shall not be made and no payment shall be received from the CLIENT.

4) In case of tour and trip reservations made by the CLIENT through AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE’s website, they shall be subject to the existing availability at the moment when they are made. Therefore, the processing of such reservations shall be subject to the above-mentioned condition. Once any reservation is processed, the CLIENT shall comply with what has been set forth on items 2 and 3 hereto, and he or she shall also pay AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE 40 percent of the total price quoted as advance payment and reservation of the tourism service hired. Lastly, until AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE receives a proof of the payment of such advance payment, the requested reservation shall not be made. Any amount paid before the definitive confirmation of services is received as a reservation. The balance shall be paid to AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE within 45 days before the date of the applicable service reserved by the CLIENT. If the total payment of the reservation is not made within the term mentioned on the paragraph above, AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall consider the reservation as cancelled by the CLIENT. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE reserves the right to apply any cancellation charges described herein. In case of reservations made 45 days or more in advance of the beginning of the tour or trip requested, AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall request the CLIENT to pay for the total amount of the services in order to proceed with the reservation.

5) The CLIENT shall make his or her payments through a wire transfer in Argentine Pesos or United States Dollars or with credit card. Any bank expenses and surcharges resulting from payments made shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT.

The CLIENT shall make the balance payments within the terms and under the conditions set forth upon the hiring of the services.

6) The definitive confirmation of services and their respective prices shall be made by issuing the respective tickets and/or service orders and the related invoicing.


1) Travel documents for international travelers: They shall enter our country with a valid passport and visa, if applicable. They may obtain more information about visas and documents required at the Argentine Embassy closer to their place of residence.

2) Travel documents for Argentines traveling abroad: Passengers shall comply with the laws in force in each country they choose to visit. Travelers shall be exclusively responsible for all the proceedings required to meet all the requirements set forth by each country of destination.

3) AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall provide general information about requirements imposed by migration, customs and health authorities of the destinations included in the tour, and the CLIENT shall be exclusively responsible for having all the documents requested by the aforementioned authorities, and for providing any information required to make the trip.

The CLIENT shall provide AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE with an affidavit stating that he or shell has no physical impairments that prevent him or her from making the trip hired, and to such end, he or she shall undersign a form designed for such purpose. In case the CLIENT is under treatment or takes drugs, he or shell shall make the arrangements required to continue with such treatment or drug intake, and he or she shall also take the relevant precautions regarding the provision of the necessary drugs to be used during the trip. The failure to submit such affidavit shall be deemed as an infringement of these General Terms and Conditions, and his or her service hired shall be cancelled. The amount paid shall not be reimbursed.


AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE does not provide this service and prices quoted on do not include it either. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE suggests the CLIENT to hire this service from a well-known insurance company.


1) Changes made by the CLIENT. They shall be notified in written to AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE. Any change in the original reservation shall be notified by the person who made the reservation. Any expenses or charges incurred in by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE as a result of changes made shall be paid by the CLIENT. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE in no case shall guarantee the availability of any of the services changed.

2) Cancellations made by the CLIENT. A) In case of any rejection affecting any service hired by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE, the applicable reimbursement shall be subject to the contractual conditions under which the services are provided by the respective suppliers. In any case of cancellation, AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall deduct from the payments made by the CLIENT the amount corresponding to any expenses incurred in plus 10 percent as commission for services hired from third parties if the cancellation is made more than 45 days in advance of the beginning of the trip or tour depending on each case. In case such cancellation is made within 45 days and up to 7 days or less in advance of the departure date, cancellation charges shall be applied according to the following withholding schedule:

Days before departure from the written notification is received

Cancellation charge as percentage of the value of the trip hired

Between 45 and 31 days


Between 30 and 15 days


Between 14 and 7 days


Less than 7 days


B) In case of group trips, if any member of the group makes a partial cancellation, the CLIENT shall be responsible for any potential additional costs or penalties resulting from such cancellation. Once the trip has started, the suspension, change or interruption of the services by the passenger due to personal reasons of any nature shall not originate any claim, reimbursement or return.

Cancellations of plane tickets. The punishments stipulated by the airline hired shall be applied according to the fee agreed. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE reserves the right to withhold 10 percent of what has been paid as administrative and operative changes.

3) Changes made by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE. A) AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE reserves the right due to technical or operative reasons to make total or partial changes in the daily schedule and/or services included in the package or tour hired, before or after it enters into effect, due to force majeure or without changing the duration of the tour. B) AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE reserves the right to change stipulated hotels for others in the same or higher category within the same urban area at no charge for the passenger. Such changes shall not entitle the passenger to any compensation.

4) Cancellations made by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE. A) AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE may cancel any tour or change its duration given any of the following circumstances: 1) Force majeure or unforeseeable circumstance or both of them;
2) When in the case of individual trips the agency may not have–due to a cause external to its will–the full availability to make reservations for hotels, transportation or other essential services according to the suggested itinerary; 3) When a change in fees or in the exchange rate forces a substantial increase in the price of the service hired, and it causes subsequent cancellations by the people who had hired such services; 4) When the minimum quota set forth by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE has not been fulfilled as long as such situation has been included in the hiring clauses or conditions. Any cancellation shall be informed to the passenger 10 days in advance of the date of the fulfillment of the service hired. B) If AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE, due to justified causes, is forced to suspend any of its trips. In such case the CLIENT shall no longer be entitled to a total reimbursement of the amount paid. C) In case of any unjustified rejection by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE of an individual or GROUP trip, it shall return the full amount paid by the CLIENT, without any deduction, plus a compensation amounting to ten (10) or thirty (30) percent, according to what the relevant authority decides, taking into consideration the circumstances of each case, as well as the agency’s record.


The rights granted to the CLIENT through the hired tourism services may be assigned or transferred to other people until 30 days before the departure date, as long as they do not contradict the transportation contractor, accommodation or service supplier’s requirements. In all cases of assignment or transfer, AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall receive 10 percent of the amount agreed.


Airlines reserve the right to change or eliminate fees without any prior notice. Therefore, fees may only be guaranteed when the reservations of flight tickets have been fully paid and the tickets have been issued. Reservations of flight tickets are not transferable. Flight schedules provided by AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE are only for informative purposes and they are subject to changes. The CLIENT shall carefully check the details appearing on the flight ticket. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall inform the CLIENT of any change regarding the flight service hired. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE shall by no means be held responsible for delays in the flights hired by the CLIENT.


The contents on AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE’s website, including its design, text and images, etc. are the exclusive property of AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE, and it is strictly forbidden to use them without an express authorization from AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE. AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE’s logo and design are trademarks and they may not be copied, showcased, etc. without prior written consent from AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE.

AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE reserves the right to take photos and/or videos during any tour or trip, and it may use such material for promotional purposes of the company. In case AMMANIK TURISMO SUSTENTABLE intends to use the image of one or more passengers, it shall request so to the relevant authorities.