We want you to travel around Argentina authentically and thoughtfully,
interacting with locals and with minimal environmental impact.

We offer you original and authentic trip proposals which will allow you to actually connect with the destination, rather than getting the clichéd tourist pictures.



If you’ve read so far, we bet

✅ You acknowledge yourself as someone with a pioneering spirit, at the same time eager and sensitive. 

✅ You are interested in getting to know the social background of every destination you visit. You enjoy interacting with locals and finding new ways to see the world.

✅ You are a nature lover. You are halfway between Charles Darwin and Carl Sagan. You enjoy finding out about species unknown to you and learning about the wonderful world we live in, and in which we take part. la naturaleza. 

✅ You love travelling at your own pace, relaxed and in slow motion. One of your favorite pastimes when you travel is sitting at a cafe and do people-watching. 

✅ You think less is more. And rather go for quality instead of quantity. 

✅ You’re passionate about food and about tasting new flavors. But at the same time you have a thoughtful approach to food. 

✅ Your find sources of inspiration in art, in your family history, or in the experience of other travelers who share your concerns.

✅ You want your children to know places you once visited. 



Bearing all these in mind, Ammanik offers you

✅ Unforgettable trips, with minimal environmental impact. We pay extreme attention to every detail when it comes to designing our trip proposals. We make a sincere effort towards creating unforgettable memories.

✅ In our trips, we encourage harmony between travelers and nature. 

✅ Our tours create genuine encounters between our travelers and host communities. 

✅ Our trips favor development and help improving local communities’ quality of life.

✅ Our trips encourage Fair Trade.

✅ In our trips, we offer organic, biodynamic, vegetarian and vegan meal choices.

✅ Our trips include eco-friendly accommodation which also help local communities.

✅ For every trip we sell, we donate a native tree to our friends in Árboles sin Fronteras, who will take care of it and eventually plant it in some green space in Buenos Aires or Argentina.

Read Our Manifesto

  • We believe trips are personal growth experiences which connect us to our essence.
  • We believe the best trips are those which arise from the desire to know a place.
  • We believe everyone should, at least once, try to make a trip that no one we know has made before.
  • This we know for sure: if traveling is a right, respect to nature and to the communities we visit is an obligation.
  • We inspire sensitive travelers to make positive changes in the world.
  • We satisfy our travelers’ curiosity, in their attempt to understand our 21st century world.
  • We offer genuine travel experiences, encouraging contact with local communities.
  • We make people happy with our trips, creating life-lasting memories.
  • We love nature, art, food, and all these we express in our job.
  • We design trips which are good for travelers, destinations and the whole planet.
  • We help reducing CO2 since 2013, by an economic collaboration with the nonprofit organisation Árboles sin Fronteras.
  • We believe working with joy and excitement are vital to achieve a warmer and friendlier attention to our customers.
  • We believe sustainability is neither a trend nor a niche market. To us, sustainability is a philosophy, a lifestyle which implies a change of habits, both at home and at work.
  • Our aim is making your trip one of a kind, that’s the reason why we pay extreme attention to details and try to foresee your needs. Like good hosts do, we want you to feel comfortable and just sit back and enjoy your trip, right from the moment you start to plan it till you get back home.

About Ammanik’s Founder


Rosario is fully engaged in guiding thoughtful travelers to discover Argentina in a genuine and sustainable way and offer them a one of a kind travel experience, environmentally aware and helping local communities.

Rosario has been working with awesome travelers who share her concerns for more than ten years and has since guided them towards enjoying their trips and experience around Argentina at its most.

Her goal and commitment are towards creating a genuine connection between travelers and local communities, respecting different beliefs, traditions and cultural expressions, as well as native ecosystems.

Her path towards becoming an active promoter of sustainable trips and tourism was clear form a very early age.

Being only 23, her career took her to one of the planet southernmost destinations in the world. Two seasons working in the Patagonian glaciers helped her changing her way of seeing the world and her job.

It was there where she learnt identifying flora and fauna species, understanding, and connecting with nature. Back there, she also consolidated her environmental awareness and her will to work as a promoter of sustainable trips.

She loves her job because it allows her to inspire people to travel around Argentina, truly connecting with its culture and original nature.

Rosario has a bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from the Universidad del Salvador and a Specialist Degree in Sustainable Tourism from the Universidad de León (Spain).

5 facts about Rosario which may give you a pleasant surprise and which make her the ideal person for her job are:

1- She is passionate about learning new things, that’s why she went back to college to study Geography.

2- For Rosario, creativity is vital. From a very early age, she has been trying to express herself through art (she has studied drama, dance, photography, guitar). Now, she enjoys creating through her entrepreneurship in sustainable tourism. However, just to get her fix, she’s learning to dance tango.

3- She is not a vegan, but due to her environmental awareness, she consumes less dairy and meat.

4- She meditates on a daily basis and is really into astrology and astronomy. 

5- One of the best experiences in her traveling history was in 2008. Being only 24, she traveled around Southeast Asia by herself for two months. She visited Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Her work in Ammanik Sustainable Tourism has been featured in:

Revista Apertura
Revista Expertas
Sumplemento Mujer
Siempre Argentina Conexión RAE
Empresas por el Ambiente



If you’re looking for a travel agency to help you design your trip around Argentina 

✅ with minimal environmental impact,

✅ showing what the destination really looks like rather than the clichéd tourist picture,

✅ promoting harmony with nature, and contact with other cultures, and local gastronomy, you are in the right place!

Everyone here in Ammanik will be glad to help you design your next sustainable trip around Argentina!